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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The art & it’s positive impact during lockdown

Tanushree, a 33-year-old professional artist and a Motivational Speaker from Gurgaon, brings out the best during Covid19 lockdown with Palettes. A global pandemic has affected many sectors lots of people are facing job crisis and loss in business. Here is a mother of two children sets an example in creating the best during the lockdown. Read below to know more. 

“A lot of people say Love is in the air, well I say “Colour is in the air”, says Tanushree. A mother of two children had been into art for eight years. She is a self-taught artist and has created more than 30 different pieces of art.

What’s art? 

TanuShree believes in creating positive arts and describes it as “Art from heART.” She says art is another form of meditation. “I try to paint my thoughts and emotions into my canvas. I feel that a good artist can give any object a new lease of life,” Tanushree adds.  

How did it all start? 

She has completed MBA in Design Management and worked for a few years in IT firm. After marriage, she had to move to the other side of the equator to South Africa in 2012 and then the Philippines was the next destination, she returned to India in 2019 for the next big career move.

 She never wanted to give up on art, later she decided to dedicate all her time and soul in creating various themes and pieces of art.She says, ” Creating different shades of hue was not what I had planned, I had happily settled abroad as a homemaker with my husband and two kids but then one day out of boredom I tried to paint the blue sky and realized that this is much more than a hobby. That’s how this beautiful journey began.

Further adding TanuShree said, “As an artist, I try to paint my thoughts and emotions into my canvas. “Art is not a part of my life, it is my life. I work with Acrylic, Oils and Sketches.” 

Impact in Lockdown

Lockdown has been impacting TanuShree in a positive note, earlier when she used to conduct exhibitions and usually met very fewer people in which she could only sell a few of her artworks. During the lockdown, she began to go virtual where she could meet millions globally. She said, ” I can showcase my artwork also to the people who are not in the same city or country. 

She realised the positive aspect and got back to business online. Her acrylic, oils & sketches art is on more demand after she connected people virtually. She spreads a word to people that it’s all about will power, passion, love towards what we do, just set the goal and work towards it. Dedication, time and discipline play an important role. 

“Thought process plays an important role when you become a creator. If Art can speak so can I. As a speaker I love to convey positivity, inner peace, self-love through colours & Voice,” says TanuShree. She is now engaged with Mindselo as a speaker and has been motivating people during the lockdown. 


Her 1st exhibition in India was at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur ‘20 & followed up with few more in Delhi. Also, she created special COVID Art which featured in various media platforms. 

She has also been a professional speaker in International Women Summit. Recently, one of her artworks got selected for an International Art Magazine which is quite popular and is certified by World Book Publishing Company, UK. 

She is now collaborating with Lions Club Delhi for spreading positivity during this Covid19. TanuShree has also been participating in various other online public forums as a guest speaker as she is also a motivational speaker. 

Family and Support

Art is another form of meditation. For doing good arts, the artist should feel happy and during the period family support is necessary. She says, “My family is my strength, my husband always encourage me.”

Initially, she faced problems in copping up due to her kids but later on, she managed time started and waking up at 4 am dedicating to her artworks.

“My kids, husband & myself we all have a set routine, which helps us to follow our passion along with our routine work.” 


“Art is in my heart & words are in my thought and, it is this colourful mix which drives me to innovate, reinvent and achieve much more,” says Tanushree. 

Her artwork is available worldwide. Each piece is unique. In future, she is planning to create a platform for other artists. 

“My quest to keep getting better and elevate myself to the next level is an ongoing process. Reaching out and connecting with people who share common interests and passion has motivated me to join social media platforms. I will be more than happy to make new connections and new friends who can be part of my learning journey,” adds TanuShree. 

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