Hybrid Bharatam takes social media by storm, know more...

Bharatham with a Hip Hop fusion takes social media by storm

Usha Jey, a 23-year-old, creates a new form of dance combining two different styles. She calls it as 'Hybrid Bharatham'. Paris based hip hop dancer and a choreographer posted a video on the social media platform and received over 50,598 views. Her first episode of 'Hybrid Bharatham' received 2 million views.
Maya the Drag queen

Many companies have rejected me after they came to know that I am a...

Alex Mathew, a well-recognized 30-year-old drag performer. He is also known as Maya the Drag Queen or Mayamma.

From Bamboo to Recycled Plastic houses, meet the couple who made it possible

Prashant Lingam and Aruna Kappagantula are the Founders of Bamboo House India who is creating a unique livelihood. Bamboo is strong & natural fibre. It is utilised for various purposes and to fill one among those the duo came up with a sustainable venture called “Bamboo House India” in 2006.
Raghavendar Askani

Raghavendar Askani: founder of the Youth Parliament Program

To make the youth of this country more outspoken and aware of socio-political issues, Raghavendar Askani has come up with a noble initiative called Youth Parliament Program (YPP).
USS Gerald Ford undergoing a shock test

[Watch] This incredible US Navy footage showing the USS Gerald Ford undergoing a shock...

USS Gerald Ford Full Ship Shock Trial 40,000 pound explosion from the bridge of a warship. Registered earthquakes in aftermath off FL coast.
India bans 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser

India blocks 59 Chinese apps as threat to ‘sovereignty’; Paytm founder and TikTok India...

According to Indian government, the 59 banned Chinese apps were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of india, security of state and public order.”
Tikka Jaspreet Singh: Youngest world record holder to perform maximum Jump Squats

Tikka Jaspreet Singh: Youngest world record holder to perform maximum Jump Squats

Meet Tikka Jaspreet Singh, he is a world record holder for doing 98 jump squats in 1 minute. He wants to be a Youth icon.
Spoorthi's love for wildlife led to educate about snakes in rural Karnataka

Spoorthi’s love for wildlife led her to educate about snakes in rural India

A Bengaluru based Spoorthi, Herpetologist is educating rural Karnataka about snakes along with Haavu Mattu Naavu. Her love for nature and wildlife has led to pursue her passion and is creating awareness snake bites and reptiles.
Pakistan Nation Assembly viral video

[Watch] Mayhem inside Pakistan Nation Assembly, MP calls Imran Khan’s govt “Donkey Rajma Ki...

A video of Pakistan's Nation Assembly has gone viral after the chaos broke out on the budget proposals by Imran Khan's government.
girl dancing like no one is watching

[Watch] This young girl dancing like no one’s watching will surely make your day

This young girl dancing like no one is watching her is one of the best things we saw on the internet today.