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This artist rendition of Ravi Varma’s classics with a trending twist is perfect

Imagine Raja Ravi Varma’s motion paintings spreading the message about current scenarios. Meet Aashita Relan, who is creating a change through her digital artworks.

Aashita Relan, Artist

A resident of Delhi is now being recognized via social media for spreading messages through her unique artworks.

Aashita, an architect and a graphic designer from Delhi quit her job to dedicate her time for her passion. She has been recreating Raja Ravi Varma’s art and adding twist to the old painting along with her own theme-based artwork.

The art form theme is based on modern scenarios of Indian arts by re-creating the old and miniature paintings. She believes in re-imaging the history in the modern era.

People responded positively on social media about her theme-based artworks. Every art of hers has a concept of the current issue and relatable to everyone.

She leaves her art untitled as everyone has their own perspective in the way they see. She gave an example of her artwork, where a lady is smiling on the screen but tearing in her real life. The woman is faking her life on social media but is going through something in real. So many people took it in the domestic abuse scenario and many more with the perspectives in their life.

She shares her insights on the top three deeper meaning art which relates her life at the same time. Aashita said, “I was going through a lot of pressure and had to live up to someone’s expectations. Most of them do fake their life on social media.” A statement made on the same art of a woman smiling and tearing at the same time.

She talks about her second-best and said, ” I watched Indian matching show that really took a rage in me and wanted to deliver a message in my way so, I created an at where there is a scanner on a woman’s forehead and wrote, “Not for sale”. Why does a girl have to adjust?. I received a lot of hate comments for that but people have their perspectives and I respect every opinion.”

Raja Ravi Verma’s semi creation of Atmanirbhar Bharat is a campaign about supporting local groups. She wanted to be their vocal through her artwork by posting on social media with the concept of “Made in India”.

Aashita has always mesmerised Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings and his art style. She wanted to create a theme based art on current happenings and that’s when she started with recreating Raja Ravi Varma’s artwork with a modern touch.

She made an animation based art about Urvasi and Purbasha Raja, where Urvashi is stopping the Raja saying, ” I am going. I do not give a damn about you” while the Raja was chasing after her. The art is a modern touch as the women aren’t dependent anymore and have their own choice.

She is also creating her art style by refining and polishing. She aims to spread messages through her artwork. She will be seen collaborating with my local tailors, the thought she came across during the initial COVID outbreak as she wants to support the local handicrafts and handmade artists. She is now designing masks with the local tailor adding a twist in the paintings that would be digital printing with different varieties of masks. The marketing would be done through the online platform like the website and social media.

She said, “I take everything as a challenge in my life. I am very confident in my art. Trust is very important for me in the client building process so I want to make people happy with my art. I think you never know what’s going to happen.”

“During the COVID outbreak and lockdown, I had time to think about what I have to do, during which I created a lot of COVID awareness artworks.”

“I wanted to escape reality through the artwork. I took advantage and did more art and sold different digital prints. It has helped me in one way at the same time being at home sometimes really is frustrating,” she added.

She started her journey since she was a child. She used the sketch in the back of her notebooks by scribbling and doodle She used to scribble and doodle at the back of her notebooks and was unsure of her capability, that is how she is still remembered by her teachers and friends.

Talking about her interests during her childhood Aashita  said, “I remember that I used to come from school very excited to use my MS paint to explore my ways. I thank my school they have taught me a lot from software to photoshop.”

“Since then I have polished her art style through the software. Handmade painting has its own flavour and concept but right now the art is executed digitally.”

Sharing views about her paintings, Aashita said, “I wanted to stand out in my art form and I will be sticking to my Indian roots of ethnic and authentic culture and making the twist with modernism.”

“It takes a lot of dedication and time to create digital art. I make out pointers and add the abstracts,” she added. She is thankful for all the advance software and techniques for graphic designers.

She screen recorders every step while she draws and does the animation on the digital screen, iPad with I pencil through her hand and make it as a time-lapse video.

“I am not leaving my pen and pencil anywhere, when I find the time, I draw and meditate through doodling,” Aashita said.

She gives a message to the budding artists that, ” Give time and believe in yourself by polishing your skills.”

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