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This retrofitted bike is specially designed for people with disabilities

Check out this GWL 01, an inclusive bike developed by Tigmanshu and the team specially for people with disabilities.

In 2008, a passionate biker Faisal Ashraf Nomani bought his first retrofitted bike. But the traditional design of the retrofitted bike was the biggest drawback for him. Riding a bike with two attached wheels in the back was something that Faisal didn’t like. In 2014 when he purchased Apache he was happy but not satisfied. His happiness didn’t last for too long after he met with an accident in 2016. Post his recovery he decided he won’t ride anymore.

bike for disabled person

But in 2018 things changed when Faisal met Tigmanshu Bhatnagar. Tigmanshu was the guest faculty at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D)’s department of design, and now he is doing his Ph.D. from UCL. Tigmanshu is deeply invested in assistive technologies and has designed a device for people with spastic quadriplegia.

bike for disabled person

Further, with the turn of events happening in Faisal’s favor, they both decided to build a team of 6 amazing people who will brainstorm on a new model.

Bike for Disabled person
Rohit Patel

Rohit Patel, a Mechanical Design Engineer from IIT Delhi. Presently working on his own startup, making smart home gym equipment.

Bike for Disabled person
Bhavik Roopchandani

Bhavik Roopchandani, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra, currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer in a startup in Mumbai called HaikuJam.

Bike for Disabled person

Ayan Baig, he was just 15 when we did that project, now in class 11th.

Bike for Disabled person
Taha Nafees

Taha Nafees is currently doing a diploma in computer science from Jamia. He was also 15 back then.

Bike for Disabled person
Faisal Ashraf Nomani

Faisal Ashraf Nomani, a postgraduate in Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy from Jamia Millia Islamia University. He is a disability rights activist, bike tinkerer, field researcher, and employment counselor.

Bike for disabled person

This brainstorming gave rise to a reverse trike motorbike. In a traditional design where the attached wheels are behind but in the reverse trike they replaced the attachment in the front. This experiment was a great success. So to make it a proper bike they started customizing Apache. The end result was GWL 01, an inclusive bike that they developed with the team.

Bike for disabled person

They displayed the bike at the Red Brick Summit at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). The bike, which they have named GWL 01, attracted much excitement with people asking questions about the launch. Further, they also presented the project at World Disability Rehabilitation Conference Bangkok-2019. Bike for disabled person

The team has invested a lot of time in aesthetics and industrial design. The go-to-market stage, will, however, take some time.

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