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10 things you can do if you don’t have a valentine

All the singles out there, make this valentine's special just for yourself. Do these 10 things to make yourself feel special.

Valentine’s day is one of the most ‘over-rated’ days celebrated by couples. Like most of us would assume, it’s the single day in the year where you celebrate your love with your partner. Well, I know what most of you would say now that it’s not just a single day, it is a week full of celebration or as we recall or like to call ‘weird celebration’.

Well, I just thought Valentine’s day is so ‘over-rated’ that it takes away all the limelight from any other thing that is happening or going to happen in the same month. Couples either plan 13 days prior or remember their Valentine’ day celebration 15 days later. However, for singles, it’s not a happening week. While some of them struggle to find a partner, some of them just celebrate the freedom of being single the whole day. But, there are some people who are not celebrating nor trying to find anyone to celebrate with.

So for them, I have listed 10 things that you can do if you’re single and don’t have a valentine.

Here you go singles:

1. Movie Marathon

Since it’s Sunday, just wake up late have a good hot shower make yourself a cup of hot coffee order some pizza, and get started with your perfect movie marathon day. Trust me guys it’s really fun just watch some of the strangest or funniest movies you could find and binge-watch them all day. By the end of the day, you would ask yourself can I be single all my life?.

2. Spa Day

We all know it’s Sunday and we want it to be different from other days so if you are looking for some outing then just go for a spa. Nothing is more comforting and relaxing than a spa. Give yourself some quality time and sink in that relaxation. It is not just a great outing but relaxation also helps you to reboot your mental system and clear your thoughts.

3. Reading Day

Give yourself a pat if you are one of those who are planning to just sit at home and read your favorite books. It is not only one of the most productive ways to spend time but also a great way to avoid ‘why am I single’ thoughts.

4. Go out with your friends

Most of us who don’t have a valentine really appreciate the fact that we have some really loving friend circle with whom we can spend some quality time. So why not celebrate this day with them? All you have to do is set a time to meet, book a table, wear some really attractive clothes and you are good to go.

PS: Getting drunk on Valentine’s day with your friends is really very fun!

5. Shopping

See it’s not just the couples who celebrate this day but also some of the fashion outlets who offer some really great valentine’s discount. And it is really fun to shop just for yourself and spend all the money buying random things for yourself. This is something most of us dream of doing so why not this valentine?

6. Anti-Valentine Day Party

Yes, you read it right! An anti-valentine day party just for singles. Well, being single I don’t really need any reason to throw a party or ask for one from my friends. But, imagine a scenario where the theme is anti-valentine’s day and all the singles in the neighborhood or by some or the other connection gather at one place, isn’t that a great spot to look for someone you wish to be with?

7. Food, Food, and Just Food

This could be one of the most fun ways of celebrating singlehood. Because who doesn’t like to order from their favorite restaurants or as I praise it in a better way, who doesn’t like to order all their favorite dishes from all their favorite restaurants. The choice is your either plan a self-cooking day where you can bake some delicious pancakes or muffins or make some extra over-loaded pizza with an extra chilled coke.

8. Just Get Out

Sometimes staying at home and doing things doesn’t help while they are fun and productive some extroverts aren’t really used to spending a weekend inside an apartment so here’s what you can do, just get out! Get out in nature go for some tracking or camping or any outing that involves nature. Let nature understand that there is someone who needs to be loved and pampered.

9. Do something new

As we grow up we nurture our minds to do certain things in a certain way and somethings that we can’t do should always be avoided. But isn’t that wrong? This valentine just make a list of things you haven’t done it can be drinking or dancing or going somewhere or meeting someone or doing some weird stuff that you had imagined doing it. Just remember don’t pull yourself back, just write it down and do it.

10. Be the ‘New You’

Are you tired of your hairstyle or fed up of going to the same store to buy some boring looking clothes? Do you wish to look different? More handsome or more beautiful or maybe more stylish? Well, this is the best time to do it all. Yes, this valentine give yourself a treat change the way you dress, or make your hair. Trust me you will fall in love with yourself at the end of the day.

All these 10 things I mentioned are highly recommended so singles hang up there we are together in this.

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