20 Photos From Around The World That Defined 2020 For Us

2020 is just about to end but before that here are 20 moments from 2020 that defined the year for us. Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today before celebrating the end of the most disastrous year there is something we want you to have a look at. We all know 2020 was much more than we ever have expected. So many things happened in this one year. And today we just want to look back in the aisle of experiences we had, so here are 20 photos from around the world that defines 2020 for us.

1. Sonu Sood arranged for buses so migrant workers could go back to their homes during the lockdown.

Source: Twitter

2. Farmers’ Protesting against the new farms’ bills.

Source: Twitter

3. A nurse resting on the floor wearing a PPE kit at a COVID care centre in Assam.

Source: Orissanews.com

4. George Floyd protest – Black Lives Matter

Source: CNN/Twitter

5. Delhi experienced the worst communal riots in Decade

Source: Yahoo/Twitter

6.Widespread bushfires in Australia destroyed hectares of forests and killed approx. 1 billion animals.

Source: CNN/Twitter

7. Protest against the citizenship amendment act

Source: Twitter

8. Locust attack in Rajasthan

Source: navbharattimes.com

9. MS Dhoni’s retires from all the formats of International cricket

Source: totaltelugu.com

10. Performing for 2,292 Plants at Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu

Source: Colossal/Twitter

11. Wedding season in Covid

Source: Twitter

12. Pandemic changes the way of hugging people

Source: theguardian/Twitter

13. Trump awarded himself a Nobel Prize medal.

Source: Donald Trump / Twitter

14.Winning Moment of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

2020 moments
Source: Kamala Harris/Twitter

15. US President tested positive for coronavirus

2020 moments
Source: CNBC/Twitter

16. Explosion in Beirut 

2020 moments
Source: ft.com

17. Undertaker retires from wrestling

2020 moments
Source: Youtube

18. The death of Kobe Bryant

2020 moments
Source: Twitter

19. Assam Oil field blast

2020 moments
Source: NDTV/Twitter

20.The first same-sex couples joined a mass military wedding in Taiwan

2020 moments
Source: news.yahoo.com


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