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Activist Disha Ravi gets arrested for sharing Greta Thunberg’s toolkit, Twitter reacts

Disha Ravi's arrest is not only questionable but also a direct attack on the Indian democracy. Here's how Twitter reacted to her arrest.

Climate activist Disha Ravi has been arrested by Delhi police from Bengaluru for sharing Greta Thunberg’s ‘toolkit’. Disha had tweeted about a kit pertaining to the farmer protests.

She has been accused of spreading misinformation by allegedly editing toolkit and sending it ahead. Disha Ravi is also one of the founders of the ‘Friday for Future’ campaign. According to NDTV, the Delhi police had earlier stated that the creator of the ‘toolkit’, an organization called the Poetic Justice Foundation, is allegedly a Khalistani group.

According to Delhi police, this toolkit was found on a social media handle before the 26 January violence. They also indicated that this can be a conspiracy behind the violence.

Delhi Police Special Commissioner Praveer Ranjan said,

We have registered a case for spreading disaffection against the government of India – it’s regarding sedition – and disharmony between groups on religious, social and cultural grounds, and criminal conspiracy to give shape to such a plan.

However what comes as a shock is that Disha Ravi has been compared to terrorists Ajmal Kasab and Burhan Vani. After her arrest, her sister and her friend had tweeted using Disha’a twitter handle, asking for support and also mentioning various other Twitter handles including Greta Thunberg.

Big names such as Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, and many more criticized the government and Disha’s arrest.

Further, out of the top 10 trending hashtags, 5 hashtags such as #At21, #IndiaBeingSilenced, #DishaRavi, #AjmalKasab, #BurhanVani were about Disha’s arrest.

‘At 21’ started trending after Times Now reported that Disha was a 21-year-old single mother.

Check out these Twitter reactions and outrage on Disha’s arrest:

Here are some of the tweets that compared Disha to Terrorist Ajmal Kasab and Burhan Vani:

Disha Ravi’s arrest is not only questionable but also a direct attack on the Indian democracy. Her arrest on the basis of a ‘toolkit’ is definitely arguable. 

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