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Hyderabad traffic constable runs for 2 KM to clear jam-packed road for ambulance

A traffic constable in Hyderabad, G Babji, is being showered with praises on social media after he ran for almost two KM to clear a jam-packed road to pave way for an ambulance. The video of Babji running has been widely shared by netizens.

The video of the incident began surfacing on Wednesday, November 4, although the incident took place on Monday, November 2.

Babji told The Times Of India that there was heavy traffic jam between Abids GPO junction, and Koti Andhra Bank between 6 and 7 pm.

“It was during this time that an ambulance reached the GPO junction. Being fully aware that there is massive traffic jam, I decided to go and clear the way. While running, I made the motorists to move and make space for the ambulance. I ran up to Andhra Bank, Koti, from where the traffic was clear,” Babji said.

Following his attempt to clear the traffic, impressed motorists on the road began clapping for Babji. 

Babji’s video was shot by someone who was inside the ambulance.

“Many motorists in cars and on bikes patted me by saying ‘good job’. It has given me immense satisfaction,” Babji said.

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