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Friday, April 16, 2021

Boy who turned off the water cannon charged with attempt to murder

Navdeep Singh, who was hailed as a hero after the viral video of him shutting down the cannon has been charged with attempt to murder.

It’s incomprehensible to learn that Navdeep Singh, the boy from Ambala who turned off the water cannon climbing on top of the police van during the farmers’ “Delhi Chalo” protests is being charged with an attempt to murder. The maximum penalty is life imprisonment on charges of rioting and violation of the COVID-19 rules.

Navdeep Singh, 26 y/o son of the farmers’ body leader Jai Singh, was the boy who turned off the water cannon and later hailed as a hero after the video on 25th Wednesday went viral on social media.

The Ambala Police filed a case against him at Parao Police station in Haryana. It was a peaceful protest and the farmers’ only demand was to free a passage into Delhi, the police blocked these farmers’ path and started the violation, Navdeep Singh said while speaking Time of India.

The media quoted Navdeep Singh saying: “We have all the right to question the government and protest if any anti-people laws are passed.” Navdeep further stated that he climbed on top of the police van because the force of the water blasts was hurting the farmers.

Farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh marched towards Delhi in thousands, protesting against the Centre’s newly proposed farm laws. During this march, hundreds of farmers faced the water cannon blasts at the NH.44 in Mohra Village, Ambala after moving ahead of the barricades.

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