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Celebrating Holi amid Covid: Rules, guidelines and more

The most colorful festival Holi is around the corner but this year it is going to be different due to Covid. Here's everything you should know

Amid the rising cases of COVID-19, the festive season is also around the corner. So the state government has issued a fresh set of guidelines and rules that should be strictly followed during Holi and other upcoming festivals. The public has been directed to β€˜maintain special vigilance and show due diligence.’

So can you celebrate Holi like before? Which states have canceled the Holi celebration? Is it allowed to celebrate Holi in public places? Here’s a complete guide to all your questions:

Are you allowed to organize a Holi celebration event?

In Uttar Pradesh, if you are planning to organize a Holi celebration event, you need to take prior permission from administrative authorities.

For Mumbaikars, the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) has imposed a complete ban on any kinds of public functions or gatherings.

Holi in Covid
Image: Twitter

In Delhi, the government has canceled and banned celebrating any kind of festivals such as Holi, Navratri, and gatherings in general.

Gujarat and Haryana and Karnataka have also announced to ban on public Holi celebrations. Karnataka government has prohibited any kind of public celebration such as Shab-e-Barat and Good Friday.

Holi in Covid
Image: Guidelines issued by Delhi Government / Twitter

What precautions should be taken at events?

If in case your locality, city, the state has received permission for the Holi celebration event, you still need to adhere to the social distancing norms, use of masks, and sanitizing stations at every corner of the event is necessary.

Senior citizens above 60 years of age, young children around 10 years or younger, and those suffering from serious illnesses must not be permitted to participate in these events and processions.

Will schools and other institutions remain open?

All private and government schools are expected to declare a Holi vacation from 24 to 31 March for students up to class 8 in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

Can my friends and relatives visit me at my place?

There are no restrictions for visitors but due to rapidly increasing cases in the country right now, being a responsible citizen of the country you need to take care of certain things. This includes the place from where your visitor is coming? Is he or she following the COVID rules? Did they sanitize their hands? Do they have any symptoms?

What if I have a friend or a family member returning from a different state?

In Delhi, random testing of passengers will be conducted. All airports, railway stations and inter-state bus terminals are well-equipped for COVID testing.

In Uttar Pradesh, anyone who is visiting or returning from any state or country which has an increasing number of COVID cases needs to get tested mandatorily.

Anyone who is planning to travel to Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru by any means of transport should carry a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report.

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