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Creators for a change: The Mallu Analyst and Gaya3 creating waves with content

Content in India today is indeed evolving and while we have welcomed the new wave with open arms, that is not it. Some shows continue to promote rather regressive views, however, there is no getting away with it anymore. Thanks to creators like The Mallu Analyst and Gaya3, they have turned creators for a change.

For instance, as has been told by Gayathri Babu herself, it all started with the Malayalam show Annie’s Kitchen. It was due to the rage that followed after an episode she watched and the content it promoted that prompted her to speak up. And that is how she eventually came up with her channel called Get Roast with Gaya3.

While roasting is not what makes her one of the creators for a change, it is the consciousness of her words that does. She started off rather recently and ever since it has been an upward graph for the YouTuber.

In fact, have a look at one of her roast videos here and you’ll understand:

What also makes this entire cause as one that fits creators for a change is how she speaks about the oppressed, not focusing on one section or topic only. Ranging from so many topics including casteism to sexism, she spares not even comedy sketches from people in Kerala.

Another of these creators for change is Dr Vivek Poonthiyil Balachandran, along with his wife Vrinda. They are a psychotherapist and scientist duo from Germany and break videos down in regards to the human psyche. They go by the name of The Mallu Analysts and are suitable to make it as creators for a change. In fact, one of the episodes also spoke about comedy shows from the state that discuss humour which isn’t very funny, dark skin, for instance.

The duo boasts a subscriber count of over 7,70,000 and their content is one that is meaningful, about things that must be spoken. While their viewers are rather narrow in terms of demography, the change is only inevitable.

While these are creators limited to content from the state and a certain language, we bet there are many more. Voicing out what needs to be said is the beginning to bringing a change, and these creators for a change are doing it right.

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