After Dark, 1899 on Netflix is the new big thing that has Twitterverse excited


The first look of 1899 is out now and well, fans can't get enough about the Netflix series from creators of Dark. Read on Platocast.

Netflix series Dark, has been an absolute feast for all the fans. A first German original on the platform, it looks like the makers are not done just yet. The show has had an interesting run of 3 seasons with all the time travel keeping us on the edge. And now, the next in-store from creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese is 1899. The first look is out, and it has Andreas Piestschmann and it is a period drama. Oh boy, too much look forward to here, isn’t there?

Dark, on Netflix is definitely a one of its kind show, however, we knew there was more, and 1899 on Netflix is a classic. The creator duo has a 5-year deal with Netflix, and they are making the most of it. Currently, in production, the show also features Aneurin Barnard, Miguel Bernardeau, Emily Beecham along with Andreas Pietschmann. Baran took to his social media to give us a first look at the Netflix series and man, everyone is in awe.

The synopsis of 1899 reads that it will have 8 episodes narrating mysterious circumstances around the voyage. What is the voyage, you may ask, well, it is an immigrant ship from Europe to New York. And that means that everyone has a different background. However, it is their future dreams that keep them together. Following that, their voyage gets a tad bit interesting when they find a ship adrift, one that was missing for months. Everything that follows is what will unleash a number of secrets from the past, thereby changing their voyage into what is a nightmare-like-riddle.

Here is the first look of 1899 on Netflix:

Another of his posts, have a closer look at the so many characters that 1899 on Netflix will feature. Look at them up and close right here:

touted to be a pan-Europen show, the makers have been working with alternatives. Among other things, they are also going to explore the tech from The Mandalorian, thereby paving the way for a new way of filmmaking. Not just that, the teaser of 1899 is out as well.

Netflix has also released the teaser of 1899, have a look:

Now, having said all of those things and knowing what is in store, fans are going crazy. While some can’t stop gushing over just how beautiful this looks, others are crushing over Andreas Pietschmann.

Here’s what Twitter is saying:

Well, are we excited, or are we excited?


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