His Storyy review: Mrinal, Satyadeep and Priyamani leave you with bittersweet feelings


His Storyy review: This tale from Mrinal Dutt, Satyadeep Misra and Priyamani is one that you do want to watch. Read more on Platocast.

His Storyy on ALT Balaji and ZEE5 is the story of three people, and how their lives come to a standstill. While they all have so much going on, there’s a sense of relatability one is sure to find. ALT Balaji has definitely been doing well with the kind of shows it comes up with, and this is a good one. The His Storyy cast is an interesting mix. Over the due course of this His Storyy review, you’ll know why we say so!

Casting: Satyadeep Misra, Nitin Bhatia, Priya Mani Raj, Mrinal Dutt, Charu Shankar, Rajiv Kumar, Parinitaa Seth, Rheanne Tejani

Technical Department: Directed by Prashant Bhagia, His Story is produced by Ding Entertainment

Rating: 3/5

Where to watch: His Storyy is streaming on ALT Balaji and ZEE5.

Should you watch it: If you ask us, His Storyy on ALT Balaji and ZEE5 does deserve a chance. It has a couple of sweet moments and also some that boil your blood. There’s a mix that we all could enjoy, especially with content on the web.

His Storyy Plot

His Story narrates the tale of Kunal (Satyadeep) and Sakshi’s (Priyamani) perfect marriage. While the two are married for 20 years, it looks like not all is smooth after all. Things take a turn when Preet (Mrinal) makes his way into their lives. Preet is a food critic and an avid traveler, who also happens to be Kunals’ lover. However, as seen in the trailers already, Sakshi is oblivious of this fact. Hence, she calls him for their restaurant’s opening and that is when things take a big turn.

Following that tale, when the truth comes out in the open, Sakshi and Kunal’s marriage is not perfect anymore. There is a lot that goes on in their lives, and everything seems to go haywire. Without giving away any spoilers, how we see the story end is an absolute highlight.

Before reading the His Storyy review further, check out the trailer:

His Storyy Analysis

We have to give it to the cast of His Storyy for pulling off an absolutely amazing series. The characters have been written extremely well and there is a sense of continuity. Throughout every single of its episode, you are sure to be hooked to what you see on screen. Satyadeep and Mrinal have given absolutely amazing performances. Priyamani, too, has given a great performance, who makes you dislike her character, and that is a part of the job.

Apart from the primary His Storyy cast, others too, have helped in shaping up the story. Rajeev Kumar and Chaaru Shankar have also managed to make a mark and do what they are asked to. Though someone who might go unnoticed, but I absolutely love Ved. (Loveleen and the annoying man’s son) Played by Anmol Amir Kajani, it is almost surreal how he manages to play his part. One of the scenes in the final episode proves that just fine, if not any other.

His Storyy
Image Credits: ALT Balaji

Talk about the show, and one cannot miss how there is so much context to the movie. Even though the scenes are rather subtle, those are things that the LGBTQ community does face after all. Right from being humiliated for being ‘different’ to often finding acceptance with utmost difficulty, there’s a lot that they go through. After The Married Woman on ALT Balaji, this was a series I was definitely looking forward to. Both these shows have given an interesting take on the urban day relationships all around us. There’s not a lot going on, and yet, there’s so much that goes on.

With an average production value, the music adds to the feel of this show and how. The dialogues are a mix of good and bad, and some might find what they hear offensive. While not everyone will feel that way, it does seem like they could have done a better job. However, though the story has flow, the audio, as well as editing aspects, are not their supreme best.

His Storyy highs

There’s something about the performances that make you feel so many things all at once. The story is written well, but it is how the actors delve deep into the characters that get to you.

His Storyy cast: Mrinal Dutt and Satyadeep Misra
Image Credits: ALT Balaji

If you are looking for something light, you may give this a watch. Chances are, once you start watching it, you’d want to reach the very end. For example, the scene where Preet is in the hospital while Sakshi sits next to him. It was absolutely overwhelming how everything transpired in that scene. What got better is how Kunal took a photo of the two, and that is sure to have your heart full.

There’s a scene where Sakshi goes on to kiss her best friend, to understand how it all feels. While it is more than just about getting back at her husband, it is almost surreal how much one does to keep up with life, to understand small little things, which are so simple.

His Storyy lows

Something that does not go down well is how the drama within the family transpires. It is rather difficult to see how things go about with the kids. While it does not serve the purpose of the story, it does reflect on society. The editing wasn’t very great and it often irks you to see how things are going. While those technical glitches are not too much in the face, they are still present. There’s no big loophole, only small little ones that might feel a little out of the place!

Nonetheless, at the end of it all, the show has managed to make the point it set out to make. With some great performances and a strong story, you will find yourself rooting for Kunal and Preet!

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