Paatal Lok Review: Jaideep Ahlawat rules the screen in this crime thriller


Produced by Anushka Sharma, Paatal Lok features Jaideep Ahlawat, Abhishek Banerjee, Gul Panag, and Neeraj Kabi in lead roles. The web series is a crime thriller that unearths so much about the dark side to humanity. Paatal Lok review will be incomplete without mentioning how there is a cliffhanger at the end of every episode and rightly so.

Starting with performances, Jaideep Ahlawat as Inspector Hathiram Choudhary owns the screen and leads the way. He is met with so many crossroads he traverses while taking on them one after the other. His screen presence is so effortless that the character seems to have come naturally to him.

While there are unbelievable twists to the story, his character has many shades to it too. Be it a friend who has to follow orders from his junior, or his relation with his son, there is much more to this inspector. His understanding of the case evolves throughout the story, and with that, our understanding of him does too. Gul Panag as his wife is rather under-utilized because she has been stereotyped as a typical housewife. (apart from this one scene, no spoilers)

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Talk about Paatal Lok review, and Neeraj Kabi sure steals the show, much like his aura on his news channel. He plays an editor, one who has fallen victim to a large political conspiracy, and, the greed of power too. His character graph is one that goes downwards until the very closing scene with him. None the less, he is a bold one in multiple senses, something you’ll see during the due course of the show.

This Paatal Lok review is not enough without mentioning Abhishek Banerjee aka Hathoda Tyagi. His role isn’t an elaborate one, even though he is always there. While his scenes are rather brief, they are always intense, one that feels spine chilling, often. His character is one which has rightly shown the two sides of humanity, the two extremes that is.

His character is the one which raises so many questions in our minds, those which pose a grave threat to humanity at large. But this is a Paatal Lok review and not an analysis of the dark hellish horrors that this series unfolds. There are many other characters who have created strong impacts – Ishwak Singh, Swastika Mukherjee, and others.

As a crime thriller, Paatal Lok has managed to make it to the list, big, but it also fares well when it comes to it being in the dark space. From human greed to the ongoing communal conflicts, the politics behind everything, are just few things that we can highlight in this Paatal Lok review.

If you ask me, this Anushka Sharma helmed series does have the edge to it that we enjoy. However, the writing does create a huge impact too, including the dialogues. When Sanjeev Mehra says this town forgets its villains too soon, and heroes sooner, you see what journalism is right now. When uniform-clad inspectors, are making way for bigger conspiracies,  you understand the sorry state of the country.

Along with the actors and the writing, the background score is also one to create huge impacts. I remember this scene where Sanjeev goes to his wife Dolly to say thankyou. The scene had some rustling music along with the dialogue, and I looked around to check if it is real.

All in all, you must watch Paatal Lok for its cast, the reliability it brings with a rather dark meaning, and its writing!

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