#FarmersDyingModiEnjoying Vs #ModiWithFarmers. Check Out This Cold War On Twitter.

Today, as we enter the 23rd day of farmers' protest, #FarmersDyingModiEnjoying Vs #ModiWithFarmers is trending on Twitter.

The ongoing farmers’ protest has entered into its 23rd day. The agitation of the farmers is growing every single day. Amid all this, Twitter has commenced a cold war between two trending hashtags #FarmersDyingModiEnjoying and #ModiWithFarmers.

The exact number of deaths is yet to confirm but according to Indian Today, 20 protesters have died in the agitation against the Centre’s farm laws so far. Due to this Twitterati started trending #FarmersDyingModiEnjoying.

Check out these tweets:

Meanwhile, #ModiWithFarmers has reached on number one spot in trending. So we decided to decode the 400k tweets (approx) which are supporting the farm bills and are against the farmers’ protest.

1. One of the primary issues farmers had is MSP. MSP is the Minimum Support Price. Farmers demanded that the MSP scheme should not get abolish from the system. So reaching out to farmers, Union Minister for Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar sent a letter to them saying that the minimum support price (MSP) is going to continue.

2. Farmer grouping FIFA on Thursday met Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and extended support for the laws. FIFA represents 15 states and around 500 farmer producers organizations (FPOs) in the country.

3. In reference to Tomar’s 8-page letter on MSP, Prime Minister Modi also tweeted:

4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Kisan Kalyan event at Madhya Pradesh. His primary aim was to clear the image of the ruling political party (Bhartiya Janta Party). He clearly stated that all the news related to Abolishing MSP and APMC is clearly false. In fact, the government has invested about 500 Crores for the betterment of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee. He also said that BJP has implemented Swaminathan committee report in the interest of farmers. He also talked about the farming agreement, stating that agreement has been for years in our country and these new changes in the agreement are only for the betterment of farmers. Modi also stated that his government has invested about 2500 crores in Kisan schemes where has previous government has only invested 600 crores.

These reasons have triggered more number of people tweeting for #ModiWithFarmers which now has reached 450k approximately and on the second spot #FarmersDyingModiEnjoying with 100k tweets approximately.

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