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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

FIR filed on Professor from Goa who compares Mangalsutra to Chained Dogs

Outrages due to hurting religious sentiments has become a more recurring event in the country nowadays. Another new outrage where, on Monday, an FIR was filed against Shilpa Singh, an assistant professor at a Law College in Goa, for comparing Mangalsutra to chained dogs and allegedly offending religious feelings with measured and malicious intention. Now such outrages are becoming somewhat regular in the country, every other day we all get to hear about an FIR being lodged against someone for hurting one’s religious sentiments, and no matter what, the reason behind the complaint is always ‘malicious.’

The case was filed on a complaint by Rajiv Jha of the Rashtriya Hindu Yuva Vahini’s Goa Unit. In the complaint, Rajiv Jha referred to a Facebook post by Shilpa Singh, in which she has directly criticized the marital tradition in Hindusim and Islam, by commenting on the practices of wearing a mangal sutra and putting on a burkha. In her Facebook post, she compared women who wear mangalsutra to chained dogs.

The FIR filed against Shilpa Singh at the Panaji town Poice Stations states: “The noted accused person having a Facebook profile in the name of Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh knowingly uploaded a post through the Facebook account in the public domain with deliberate and malicious intention outraged religious feelings of the complainant, thereby insulted religious belief, thus committed an offense under section 295 A IPC.”

In defense of her Facebook post, Shilpa Singh said that her comment was a direct criticism of the phenomenon of patriarchy. She further filed a counter-complaint against Rajiv Jha in which she accused the complaint of intimidation, outraging her modesty, and also accusing Rajiv Jha of provoking a lynch mob against her.

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