Friends: The Reunion review: The special is a reminder that ‘they’ll be there for you’


Friends: The Reunion airs today and well, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and company convince you that they are here for you after all.

Friends: The Reunion is here and I am absolutely screaming! No, I haven’t been a fan of the show since forever, but ever since I’ve known them, it has not been the same. I practically found love over a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference, that is how much I love the show! The special has brought back the stars and a handful of others together, and it is definitely what we can all use today, and for the next few days as well.

David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox, and Matthew Perry all enter Stage 24 and take our hearts away. The six of them have truly been our friends and anyone who has been a fan, couldn’t have asked for more. Friends: The Reunion sees a bunch of emotions take over, that of happiness, of friendship, of some sadness, and loads of nostalgia. Just seeing the 6 of them seated all together and on the screen, is everything that we could have asked for, truly!

A little over 100 minutes long, we feel the maximum joy when the 6 friends enjoy by themselves. The special episode truly felt like they slipped right where they left. There’s a sense of lovely camaraderie, but every now and then, one might also feel a little disconnect. However, not only is that for later, but it is also totally ignorable.

All of them are playing themselves here, and it is not an extension of the show, yet, it feels like it. As we see them on the screen once again, we also see how they have parts of the characters they played still lurking with them, and in them. It has been 17 years since it all happened, and yet, it felt just like yesterday.

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David goes on to point out: You know, our families were very supportive and they were always with us. But only the six of us know exactly what we were going through. There’s no one else who can relate to that feeling. Well, I’d like to go on to say that at some point, I have felt everything they were going through, but exactly what? Maybe not! And that is exactly the kind of insights we are glad that we get, courtesy of Friends: The Reunion.

Among other things that we came to know, we are also told that David and Jennifer were crushing on each other. But guess what? They didn’t know, but everyone else did? Wow, are they the real life Ross and Rachel? Nonetheless, Jennifer believes that it was probably for the best as that is what helped them with their chemistry on-screen, and we all know how that went!

There are fun questions, a bunch of reactions, a table reading session, and also the iconic quiz. While Lisa’s Phoebe was missing in the original one, she’s here, teamed up with Courteney and Jennifer this time around!

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Will we get a Friends film? Well, it looks like apart from Kudrow, everyone would love to reunite. Kudrow, much like her character Phoebe, takes a different road on this. She says: They’ve ended Friends where each of them has a happy ending. And I don’t want those happy endings to be unravelled. Beautiful, or beautiful?

Friends The Reunion
Image Credits: HBO Max

However, in the xyz number of times that I have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S, there’s always been a new takeaway. While they have been more good than bad, there is a mix. To go to an extent and calling the reunion episode flawless, would be a little too much in violation of my journalistic principles. Hence, I wouldn’t do that. The reunion episode had glitches, it was a little too long, for one. Among other issues is the slight overdose of special guests while ignoring some crucial, if not primary cast members. There already has been enough scrutiny around the absence of any black celebrity as a part of the guest list, and that’s a problem.

Well, it is a talk show of sorts, after all. Hence, there is no denying that there’d be a back and forth of question-answers. However, could it have been done better? I’d say that is an argument for later! Every now and then, it does feel like Friends reunion special is just HBO Max’s attempt to market itself. While we are thankful to everyone involved for getting us the reunion, it isn’t too much to ask for a little subtlety, isn’t it?

All of that said and done, we all know that most of us simply want to rejoice that we got this, for the one last time. Much like 17 years ago, this one too, left us with a similar frame, and the same bittersweet feeling. After not rewatching the show from beginning to end for a couple of weeks now, I think it is time to revisit the memories with some new ones created today!

Sweet sweet reminder, you can stream Friends: The Reunion in India on ZEE5 at 12:32 pm.


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