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Here’s why #iPhoneScam is trending on Twitter

#iPhoneScam started trending after Youtuber named Nishant Kumar Singh uploaded a video accusing Neel Patel of multiple scams.

In the recent development, on Wednesday, February 17, many users started tweeting about the alleged fraudster who had been frauding people by offering a new iPhone at unbelievably low prices. These posts have given rise to #iPhoneScam trending on Twitter.

It started after a Youtuber named Nishant Kumar Singh uploaded a video online accusing founder and owner of Squeaks Media, Neel Patel of multiple scams. In the video, you can see Nishant and Abhimanyu Singh are discussing how Neel Patel had involved in various alleged scams.

Watch the video:

Talking about the Youtubers, Nishant Kumar Singh is a well-known YouTuber who makes political content and Rana is an independent blogger and writes on politics.

In the video, you can also see how Singh accused Patel who had been using his companies ‘Squeaks Media’ and ‘eGyaan’ to con people.

Further, Singh and Rana narrate how Patel has used his venture ‘NaaradPay’ to offer cheap iPhones to online customers. They accused Patel of destroying their market credibility with help of some online influencers and not delivering the ordered iPhones to customers who had already made the payments. They also said that only a few customers have received their iPhones so that Neel Patel can make people believe that the offer is genuine.

However, Neel Patel also responded to the allegations and clearly denied any such intentions of frauding people. He also mentioned that the deliveries are only because of limited availability of the product.

He has also released a video on his youtube channel:

While this news is not really new to us has there are almost dozens of Internet scammers who fraud people in the name of ‘cheap iPhone’, we also saw some mixed reactions from the netizens. Some abused him while some started sharing memes and jokes on him.

Check this out:


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