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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Hilarious! Forgetting to turn off mic, woman disrupts Zoom meeting, Twitter reacts

During a zoom meeting, a girl named Shweta forgets to switch off her mic. And little did she knew, Twitter sparks with meme-fest.

Due to this pandemic, zoom calls and zoom meetings have become the necessity of our lives. Whether it’s a casual group call with friends or a work meeting with any client or colleagues we spend hours and hours in front of our laptop. However, we all know that our home and our surroundings are not that ideal when it comes to zoom calls. So most of the time it’s better to switch off our video camera or mic during the meeting.

But, sometimes you really need to confirm whether you have switched it off or no. Because sometimes it can get really interesting and amusing. Having said that, a video of a zoom meeting is getting viral. Want to know why? Well, during a zoom meeting a girl named Shweta forgets to switch off her mic. Even though other participants inform her about the mic she does not pay any attention to them. And little she knows, her ‘secrets’ and her ‘gossip’ are creating quite a buzz on the internet.

Watch the video:

After this video went viral on the internet, Twitter couldn’t handle the laughable situation and started sharing some priceless memes on Shweta.

However, we feel bad for Shweta but at the same time we also feel ‘Ek Baar do confirm Karlo mic band hai ki nahi’.

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Mayuresh Patil
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