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Monday, April 12, 2021

Locust attack in Gurugram: Delhi-NCR on high alert; residents asked to make clanging noises to ward off insects

After hitting Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, huge swarms of desert locusts reached Gurugram and covered large tracts of the region in Haryana on Saturday morning around 11 am. In fact, the locust attack affected plush residential complexes and high rise buildings in the busy MG Road and IFFCO Chowk areas of apart from DLF Phase I-IV, Village Chakkarpur, Sikandarpur and Sukhrali areas of Gurugram. Soon, residents in various parts of Gurugram started sharing images and videos of the locust attack.

It was last evening that Gurugram residents were asked to keep their windows shut to protect themselves against a locust attack after a swarm was sighted in an adjoining district. The administration also requested the residents to make clanging noises by beating utensils to ward the insects off. Not just that, the Delhi Air Traffic Control also directed pilots of all airlines to be careful as swarms were seen near the airport in areas along Gurugram-Dwarka Expressway.

Post the Gurugram attack, high alert was issued in adjoining districts of Delhi as well for people to be aware of a possible locust attack in the region for three days, which is currently being aided by strong winds. By afternoon, the locusts entered Faridabad and are now expected to head towards Uttar Pradesh, as claimed by officials. “In terms of crops, there has been no damage in the Gurgaon district so far because these are flying from Rewari and from above; they have not come down in the fields yet,” Faridabad Deputy Commissioner Yashpal Yadav told a daily.

For the unversed, locusts form swarms in Africa and fly from Iran, Pakistan to India. They majorly eat plants and can be of massive damage to crops if left unchecked.

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