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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Michael Kramer: The Best Mask-Wearing PSA Ever

We really need to forget two Paul Rudd’s and get involved with the three versions of this Jewish Grandpa singing an original Public Service Announcement, encouraging us all to wear a mask. While the rest of us have been binge-watching Netflix shows and on other online streaming platforms, this jazz pianist, Michael Kramer, a grandpa of three and father of Kveller contributor Samantha Taylor has been utilizing his time, mastering the music-making application, Acapella. Michael has created funny and sweet videos for his grandchildren, including an adorable song called the “Billie Boo” which is for Samantha’s daughter, Billie which he also has been using for long-distance music collaborations.

Michael Kramer, known as Papa amongst his grandchildren, this week put out a fabulous Public Service Announcement (PSA), which was aptly titled, “You’ve Got to Wear a Mask.” The lyrics were simple and encouraging people to be patriotic and thoughtful and wear that mask, reminding us that the mask “goes over the snout, under the mouth.”


I hope you have some fun with this little video.

Posted by Michael Kramer on Thursday, July 23, 2020

It isn’t a political statement that the 71 y/o. who lives in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida reminds us of wearing a mask. ‘As a matter of fact, it’s cool.” Further, he also adds some Jewish values to the song telling us that wearing a mask is essential “if you need to love thy neighbor.”

It is such an inspirational video, from Kramer’s choice to wear a different shirt in every video. Also, the songs are always a duet, accompanied by a piano, to his adorably winning smile, and the harmonious clapping, and when he tries to put on the mask and fails, he exclaims, “oy vey (In Yiddish expressing dismay).”

This talented Jewish grandpa has won many hearts by his PSA, encouraging him to wear a mask.

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