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Monolith Mystery Intensifies Around The World: A Timeline and Explanation

With unpredictable locations and sudden appearances, the monolith mystery is continuing to haunt people across the world.

With new metal monoliths appearing in Poland, Netherlands and Colombia, the monolith mystery intensifies around the globe. By now, netizens who earlier participated in formulating conspiracy theories, have withdrawn from speculating.

From an imminent alien invasion to the work of unknown artists – people are providing many possible explanations of the mysterious phenomenon. However, the unpredictable locations and nature of the installations are continuing to haunt people across the world. The structures are being termed as ‘monoliths’ for their similarity to the ‘Sentinels’ shown in Stanley Kubrick’s classic thriller – 2001: A Space Odyssey.

A Timeline of the monolith mystery

Utah, USA 

The first ever metal monolith appeared on November 18, 2020 in an obscure part of the desert in Utah’s Red Rock Country in USA. The 10-12 feet tall shiny, three-sided metal structure was first spotted by the state wildlife agency. The news spread rapidly and scores of people drove to the remote location to catch a glimpse of the structure.

On November 27, a group of adventure enthusiasts took the initiative  to remove the structure by themselves. They claimed to do so to preserve the natural sanctity of the region, which was being disrupted by the sudden rise in footfall.

Neamt, Romania

The second monolith was discovered on November 27 atop the Batca Doamnei hill in Piatra Neamt, Romania. The triangular structure was around 13 feet tall. It had a pattern of circles on its body, unlike the Utah monolith which was smooth all over. This monolith, however, mysteriously vanished on December 1. Anyone is yet to claim the responsibility for its removal.

California, USA

On December 2, the third monolith popped up on the summit of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California. Made of stainless steel, this monolith was around 10 feet in height. Daily hikers alleged that the structure appeared overnight and was not there the day before. Shortly after its appearance, a group of youths removed the structure and replaced it with a wooden cross.

Nevada, USA

The fourth monolith did not appear in a remote and untouched natural location. Rather, it showed up at the busy Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada in USA. The object was spotted in the early morning hours on December 4.

Chía, Colombia

A few kilometres away from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, a golden monolith was found by a group of workers in the early morning of December 5.

Kiekenberg Reserve, Netherlands

On December 6, another monolith appeared out of the blue in the Kiekenberg natural reserve near Oudehorn town in the Netherlands. This monolith was found next to an icy puddle. But, local residents failed to spot any footprints anywhere near the steel structure.

Isle of Wight, UK

The 8 feet tall reflective monolith was spotted by a group of individuals who were walking their dogs at Compton Beach in the Isle of Wight. The monolith was found on the morning of December 8.

Colorado, USA

The structure was admittedly built as a joke by Bill Zempel, the lead mechanic at Mile High Aircraft Services. He installed the same in front of the Colorado Air & Space Port.

Pittsburgh, USA

This 10-feet-tall structure had no mystery behind its appearance. It was a marketing strategy by Christopher Beers, the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in Pittsburgh. Keeping up with the viral trend around the mystery monoliths, Beers installed a similar one, made out of plywood and covered with sheet metal.

El Paso, Texas

On December 8, another mysterious monolith was spotted by a group of wildlife biologists during a helicopter survey. It appeared in a well-populated area in El Paso, near a local pizza restaurant.

Warsaw, Poland

The latest additions in the list are two monoliths found in Poland – the first at a former quarry in Kielce and the second on the banks of Vistula river in Warsaw.

Theories & Explanations

With 2020 already surprising the human civilisation with the worst nightmares, a large section of the population are relating the monolith mystery to some extra-terrestrial phenomenon. They strongly assert that perhaps an alien race is trying to communicate with humans through these mysterious artefacts. But, we are yet to decipher if there is actually any encrypted message present in these structures.

On the other hand, there are many who are also refuting such claims and speculating the monolith mystery as simply a hoax or the work of pranksters. They are drawing similarity of the monoliths with the mysterious crop circles or geometric patterns found in England in 1970.

Another popular theory, and perhaps the most plausible one in a rational context, is that the monoliths are an art movement. Installed by the artist fraternity from across the globe, these structures are also being considered a revolutionary reply to excessive commercialisation of art, especially in the USA.

All in all, with new monoliths appearing almost everyday now, the monolith mystery do not seem to be ending anytime soon. Only time will reveal the true explanation behind their appearances.

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