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Thursday, February 25, 2021

#MSP_किसान_का_हक campaign sets a new trend on twitter

“MSP is farmers’ rights.” is a trending hashtag which highlights that the MSP is farmers’ rights to their produce.

The prolonged effects of the farmers’ protests have seen a lot of ups and downs ever since 26th January. There have been many fatalities, farmers missing, riots, and lathi charges backfiring on the police and putting their lives at risk amidst the heat of all the angry farmers.

Throughout the lockdown period, we’ve heard about the reason behind what started these protests in the first place but instead of coming to a conclusion and finding a way to stop this chaos, the farmers’ reluctance towards these newly proposed farm bills by the Modi-Shah government and the reluctance from BJP has prolonged the effects of the farmers’ protests.

The hashtag means “MSP is farmers’ rights.” And what is MSP? Well, Minimum Support Price (MSP) is an agricultural produce price, which is set by the government, which allows the direct purchase of products from the farmer. What MSP actually does is, safeguards the farmers’ to a designated minimum profit for the crops they harvest, now this is in case if the open market has a lower price profit than the cost earned.

The trending hashtag highlights that MSP is farmers’ right to their produce. Amidst the ongoing pandemic and the protests which took various dangerous turns over the period of time, people have started to voice themselves in support of these protesting farmers from all over India.

The agitation which received attention from all over the world has surely worsened the situation for India, but at the same time, people standing in support and international support have favored the farmers.

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