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National Doctor’s Day: how doctors proved they are stronger than Hulk and an Iron Man.

Since the year 1991, National Doctor’s Day is observed yearly in India on July 1 in honour of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a renowned physician and former Chief Minister of West Bengal. whose birth and death anniversary falls on that date. The day is a tribute to all medical and healthcare professionals who have tirelessly taken care of their patients irrespective of all odds.

Now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, the National Doctor’s Day is all the more relevant as doctors have become our new version of our knight in shining armours, who are taking care of our entire country. Amid COVID-19, they are at the frontline and putting their lives on risk for their fellow countrymen. In fact, when Coronavirus started gripping India, there were reports of doctors not have proper equipment to deal with it and some of them even faced salary cuts. Albeit, doctors have been working double and triple shifts and often for 24 hours or more while wearing their protective gear the whole time, in order to save the lives of the infected patients. What’s more, some of them are not even able to meet their family for days. So on National Doctor’s Day, we salute all the healthcare workers, who have proved that they are stronger than Hulk, smarter than Doctor Strange and taught us the real meaning of Iron Man.

Not to forget, it’s important that we as citizens, also help the doctors and healthcare professionals around us by providing better safety equipment, motivate them and calm their mental stress.

Meanwhile, on National Doctor’s Day, several celebs and politicians paid their tribute to medics for their unmatched efforts.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah saluted doctors for their ‘uttermost commitment to keep the nation safe and healthy.’

PM Narendra Modi, Virat Kohli, Salman Khan and others too tweeted on the occasion later in the day.

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