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Police arrest professor parents for ‘sacrificing’ their daughters

On Jan 24th Sunday around 08:00 PM the Andhra police arrest professor's parents Padmaja and Purushottam Naidu in their home as they found their daughters stabbed with a trident and then clubbed them to death with dumbbells.

An Indian couple from Andhra murdered their daughters allegedly using dumbbells and a ‘trident’ as murder weapons. On Jan 24th Sunday around 08:00PM the Andhra police arrest professor parents Padmaja and Purushottam Naidu in their home as they found their daughters stabbed with a trident and then clubbed them to death with dumbbells. Regardless of their educational background, both parents who are professors claim that their daughters will return from the dead.

What is more surprising in this is that, both the accused are highly successful academics. Purushottam is a 55 y/o, doctorate in science working as a college professor and Padmaja, a 50 y/o mathematician, teaches in school.

According to the police, Padmaja and Purushottam believed that they supernatural powers that would help in reviving their daughter in 24 hours’ time. The couple asked to give time until night when the police entered their house, “we will bring them back,” is what they told.

In the news reports it is stated that Padmaja and Purushottam’s neighbours called the police when they heard loud screams and noises from their house on 24th night. Inside the house there were ritual items scattered around their dead daughters who were lying naked in the floor.

Elder Alekhya was 27 y/o, employed at the Central Forest Research Institute in the Central Indian city of Bhopal, and the younger one, Sai Divya, 22 y/o was training in a music academy under India’s music star A R Rahman. The police found Alekhya in a room which was used for worship with severe lacerations on her forehead and Sai Divya was found in her bedroom.

When the police found the parents and the daughters, they stated that the parents were in some “trance.” Padmaja met the officers singing and dancing and further claimed that the novel coronavirus wasn’t from China, but from her, like she was the human form of the virus, reported The Times of India. According to the reports, Padmaja didn’t cooperate with the police as well as the doctors, denying to undergo a COVID test, saying that the virus won’t affect her.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ravi Chary commented in The NewsMinute that “their heads were bludgeoned with a blunt weapon and they were cracked open.” He further stated that Padmaja began yelling at the police officers for “disrupting the ritual,” also “She said that we brought demons into the house when we opened the doors. She asked us to leave and come back the next day and witness the miracle that was about to happen in the house, where her daughters would come back to life,”

The couple, on 27th Jan, Wednesday were sent to a psychiatric evaluation, where one of the psychiatrists, Dr. Radhika addressed the local TV media stating that Padmaja refused to answer any questions and Purushottam yet claimed that his daughters were “avatars” of the Hindu god Shiva and they will come back to life.

According to the DSP: “They seemed to believe every word they said. We want to assess their mental health.” After their psychiatric evaluation, the couple will be arrested. Since the pandemic was announced, Padmaja and Purushottam with their two daughters have been under total isolation from March when the lockdown was imposed. Padmaja, their mother believed that Sai Divya, the younger daughter had let some evil presence insider her head and it could only be removed by cracking the skull.

The police have also stated that the coupled believed to have received signals from heaven, and there also exists a “house of miracles.” Criminal activity under superstitious delusions isn’t a new thing in our country. But the bigger disappointment is that a couple that is academically accomplished could do such a shameful thing to their own daughters.

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