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#RippedJeansTwitter trends on Twitter after Uttarakhand CM’s comment receives flak

Uttarakhand CM's comment on women wearing ripped jeans receives flak, women share their pictures in ripped jeans with #RippedJeansTwitter

In the recent development, Uttarakhand CM Rawat had commented on women wearing ripped jeans. He also commented on how these ripped jeans can degrade their value and impact their children.

I once boarded a plane to #Jaipur. A woman was sitting next to me, wearing boots and ripped jeans. 2 children were accompanying the woman who runs an NGO. What message will she give to society? said Uttarakhand CM Rawat

The Uttarakhand CM continued, “She was wearing gumboots and her jeans were torn at the knees. She told me that she runs a non-governmental organisation,” he said. “She runs an NGO, her knees are visible, she moves around in the society and kids are with her. What values will she give [to the children]?”

Post his sexist comments, netizens started bashing him by sharing their pictures in ripped jeans and with the hashtag #RippedJeansTwitter.

Have a look:

To all the women out there it’s high time to wear your ripped jeans!

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