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‘Roasting YouTube on YouTube’: Carry Minati takes Twitter by storm with his new video

Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar rose to fame after he released his ‘Youtube vs TikTok‘ video. In the hilarious video, Carry adopted the form of roasting as he took a dig at TikTok content creators. His video was a reaction to famous Tiktok star Amir Siddiqui’s viral video about original content in the YouTube community. However, the roast video, despite being touted as a joke, was taken down by Youtube as it did not seem appropriate to other social media platforms.

Subsequently, YouTube’s legendary roaster has now released his latest expletive-ridden video titled ‘THE ART OF BAD WORDS’. In the video, he has taken a dig at the streaming platform YouTube for deleting his controversial video.

Yet again, Carry has managed to stir up a storm on social media, especially Twitter. Initially, some users were not happy with his content and one wrote, “Genuinely I don’t like this person’s content I never watched his video. Look at this filthy man he is expressing his views on (abusive words)I think this person completed his Ph.D. in this field, know expressing his skills and experience with us.why people like it.. #carryminati.”

Following that, most of them gave a terrific response and triggered a meme fest on the micro-blogging app.

For the unversed, Carry Minati enjoys a whopping 23.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

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