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Sunday, April 11, 2021

The man who stopped the water cannons, farmers icon of the protest

The video of a man who stopped the water cannons, Navdeep Singh, is going viral on all the social media platforms.

The protest by the farmers from Haryana and Punjab against Narendra Modi’s proposed farm bills had to face some heavy police and paramilitary deployed resistance in their march towards Delhi where they met with water cannons, barricades, and detention. In spite of these obstacles, the farmer’s march continued. In an iconic scene near Kurukshetra, a video of a man who stopped the water cannons is going viral.

Many images from the scenario became a representation of the farmers’ resilience where a protester, an elderly woman from Punjab marching barefoot, and two farmers shielding water cannons on the road.

Here is the video of the man who stopped the water cannons:

In the video you can see a young protester Navdeep Singh jumps on top of the vehicle which has the mounted water-cannon- Varun, and turns the tap off, saving many farmers who are being targeted by the blunt force of the water.

“I was a studious child, never did these kinds of things like climbing and jumping. But the bravery shown by protesters gave me courage,” he told the Punjabi Lok channel.

Narrating how he climbed on top of the truck, he said, “I climbed from a tractor trolley on to the truck and reached the tap. I turned it off, but a policeman had also climbed (on to the truck) chasing me. But by that time, my brother had brought his tractor near and I jumped on it.”

He also mentioned that police hit him on his feet but has no rage towards them.

“Police are only doing their job, they are also sons of farmers.” – Navdeep Singh

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