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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Meet Srishti Goswami, the real-life ‘Nayak’ from Uttarakhand

The Real-life “Nayak” Srishti Goswami, has inspired many girls in India and the 19 y/o will continue to do so for many years.

From Haridwar comes a real-life rerun of the Bollywood movie “Nayak” where Srishti Goswami, a teenage girl was ready to become the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on Sunday. 19 y/o Srishti is a student of BSc Agriculture at BSM PG College in Roorkee. To mark the National Girl Child Day of 2021, which is on the 24th of January every year, Srishti Goswami was given this opportunity. This move received Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat’s nod in honour of the day.

On 24th Sunday, Srishti Goswami, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand’s Bal Vidhan Sabha, according to ANI’s reports, administered the summer capital of the state from Garsain. The Real-life “Nayak” Srishti Goswami is the daughter of Praveen Goswami, a businessman and Sudha Goswami a housewife and an Anganwadi worker.

Srishti Goswami who became the inspiration for education was earlier elected as a lawmaker in the Children Assembly in 2018. Chief Minister of Bal Vidhan Sabha in May 2018. Srishti led India in Thailand at the Girls International Leadership Program. She has also been running a scheme known as “Start” for two years, in which the poor children in the area, especially girls are motivated towards education.

Srishti was set to review several schemes run by the Trivendra Singh Rawat government, as she sat in charge of the state for one day in Uttarakhand. Atal Ayushman Scheme, Smart City Project, the tourism department’s Homestay Scheme and some other developmental projects were some of the schemes that included her review. On International Girl Child Day, the Real-life “Nayak” Srishti Goswami showed active participation in various other programs as well.

Chairperson of the Child Protection Commission, Usha Negi stated that this event was organized to celebrate the National Girl Child Day, and the basic purpose behind it was to inspire the girls of our country. She proceeded to highlight that the purpose of this program was to education on how sessions, government and administrative work are done and the process of implementation.

Stories of many activists have inspired this country for many years to come. With great honour and respect, works of The Real-life “Nayak” Srishti Goswami, has inspired many girls in India and will continue to do so for many years. Srishti is just 19 y/o. It is pretty obvious that she is just getting started.

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