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Monday, April 12, 2021

‘I am a doctor now’: This trans-woman shut trolls who abused her, called her names

A trans-woman — a medical student, an intern at Kasturba Medical Hospital, Manipal — who has been victim to abusive slurs and name-calling for years, shared a powerful message on social media on becoming a doctor.

Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, 23, took to social media, where she has massive followers, called out the harassment and injustices against the LGBTQ+ community and wrote about how she has been victim to such bullying.

“Ch*kka, tr*nny, f*ggot, m*ttha, k*jja, and countless other titles were awarded to me. This day forward, it’s “Doctor,” she wrote in one of her posts.

“A trans person wields great power in being able to reclaim all that was intended to insult, to bend the rules, to push society’s boundaries of empathy and understanding,” she wrote in another Instagram post, claiming that she avoids her DMs and emails like it were a “plague”. These messages, she says, are as filled with unsolicited sexual messages and abuses.

“A child understands their gender around age 3, and I did too. I shouldn’t be punished and humiliated and scrutinised and measured and poked and prodded until you’re convinced,” she added.

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