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Twitter questions allegations against Zomato delivery boy for assaulting woman

Recently, an infleuncer levelled allegations of assault against Zomato delivery boy but there seem to be two sides. Read more on Platocast.

A recent incident has everyone on the internet divided. It started off when an Instagram influencer Hitesha accused a Zomato delivery boy of assaulting her. She had shared a video on social media claiming that he assaulted her and broke her nose. The delivery boy in question is Kamraj, and subsequently got arrested. However, he says that she accidentally punched herself with the ring.

In an interview with the ‘The News Minute’ he said: ‘Anybody who sees her face, will understand that this wouldn’t be created by a punch. And I don’t wear any rings. In fact, he went on to give a detailed explanation. The assault allegations against the Zomato delivery boy seem to have created quite a stir online as well.

It was after his explanation regarding the entire scenario that many feel every story has two sides. There are a handful of people who immediately shared videos from Hitesha. However, others now have more to add. Kamraj revealed that she questioned her about the late delivery and he simply apologized. In addition, he mentioned how this was the first time he faced such an issue. He revealed that he has been working for 2 years and he denied having hit her.

Check out some of the tweets amid the ongoing probe against the Zomato delivery boy

However, it looks like post the assault allegations on Zomato Delivery boy, many have a lot to say. In fact, people have also brought instances from the past where men have been wrongly punished. While there have been such instances, one needs to look at the entire issue from an objective point of view.

Twitterverse feels the treatment meted out to the delivery boy is unfair. However, there are many generalizations that are being thrown in as well. Amid all of this, the Zomato delivery boy has received a lot of support. A social media trial of both sides has happened, but there still remain unanswered questions!

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