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Urdu poet Rahat Indori passes away at 70: Shayaris from the veteran to live by

Urdu poet Rahat Indori tested positive for the novel Coronavirus on Tuesday and passed away later today evening. The veteran poet, and lyricist, was admitted to Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences. In fact, he had also tweeted to wish him a speedy recovery.

As per the official statement from a doctor: Urdu poet Rahat Indori suffered two heart attacks today and could not be saved. He was admitted to hospital on Sunday, after testing positive for #COVID19. He had 60% pneumonia.

While the world mourns his death, we decided to celebrate the veteran’s Shayaris. Here’s a list of some of our favourites:

1. Log har mod pe ruk ruk ke sambhalte kyu hai, Itna darte hai, toh ghar se nikalte kyu hai.

Rahat Indori quotes

2. Zuban to khol, Nazar toh mila, jawab toh de. Main kitni baar luta hoon, mujhe hisaab toh de.

Rahat Indori quotes 2

3. Yuh toh har phool par likha hai, ki todo mat, Dil machalta hai toh kehta hai chhore mat.

Rahat Indori quotes 3

4. Hum ab makaan me tala lagaane wale hain, Pata chala hai ki mehmaan aane wale hain..

Rahat Indori quotes 4

5. Jagne ki bhi jagane ki bhi aadat ho jaye, Kash tujh ko bhi kisi shayer se mohobbat ho jaye, Door hum kitne dinno se hain ye kabhi gaur kiya, Fir na kehna jo ayanat me khayanat ho jaye.

Rahat Indori quotes 5

The words or Urdu poet Rahan Indori are the kind that is sure to resonate with us long after we read them just once. From life to love, and all other things, he has something for everything! Meanwhile, rejoice and celebrate his words.

6. Aankh mein paani rakho, hothon pe chingari rakho, Zinda rehna hai toh tarkeebein bohot saari rakho.

Rahat Indori quotes 6

7. Kahin akele mein mil kar jhinjhod dunga usse, Jahan jahan se voh toota hai, jod dunga usse. Mujhe woh chhor gaya ye kamaal hai uska, Iraada maine kiya tha ki chhor dunga usse.

Rahat Indori quotes 7

8. Phoonk daalunga main kisi roz dil ki duniya, Ye tera khat toh nahi hai ki jala bhi na sakun.

Rahat Indori quotes 8

9.Yeh alag baad ki khamosh khade rehta hai, Fir bhi jo log bade hai bade rehte hain.

Rahat Indori quotes 9

10. Dosti jab kisi se ki jaye, Dushmano ki bhi raye li jaye, Maut ka zahar hai fizaon mein, ab kahan ja ke saans li jaye..

Rahat Indori quotes 10

For anyone who enjoys poetry, shayaris and couplets from Urdu poet Rahat Indori are nothing less of magic. They have their own way of calming you down while also invoking so many thoughts!

May his soul rest in peace!

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