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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Video of a Desi Couple gone skiing dressed in a saree and dhoti is adorable

The white magical snow all around you is a magical moment during the winter. What’s the best thing to do in all this snow around? Go Skiing! Catching the interests of the netizens where a video of a desi couple gone skiing dressed in a saree has gone viral and it is really adorable.

Divya and Madhu from Minnesota, USA, decided that they should ski at the slopes in Welch Village with a twist, where their outfits weren’t the traditional ski gear but a saree and dhoti. In the caption of their Instagram video, they mentioned “We wanted to do something really crazy today to distract ourselves!”


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After they posted the video on Instagram, they became rock stars. Everyone who came across this video agreed to this new twist. Masoon Minawala Mehta is one of the people who inspired this couple to ski in an Indian outfit as Masoon shared a video of her skiing in a saree last month in Switzerland.

The idea that women can’t do many physical activities in a saree is actually fading away. For a long time now we have seen women perform flips, doing push-ups as Gul Panag did, and not to forget Milind Soman’s 81 y/o mothers skipping wearing a 9 yards saree.

Watching Divya and Madhu easily glide through snow and at the same time being enjoying their time, actually presents an idea that Saree and Dhoti just seem like a perfect outfit for the activity, in fact, any physical activity can be performed in this traditional Indian attire.

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