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Monday, April 12, 2021

We listed Top 5 Hilarious Comebacks by Diljit Dosanjh that will make you say, ‘Paaji Tussi Great Ho’

These 5 amazing Comebacks by Diljit Dosanjh are something that made us laugh and think at the same time.

You all know what happened yesterday has already been included in the history of Twitter. Actress Kangana Ranaut and Actor Diljit Dosanjh managed to pull off a show for us with their war of words. Having said that, it was not the first time that Singer, Actor Diljit Dosanjh was funny and sensible at the same time. He not only managed to slam Kangana and her false claims but also made us say, ‘Paaji Tussi Great Ho.’

You all know it’s not easy to have a verbal spat with the b-town actress Kangana Ranaut, her furious personality and ugly use of words had sparked controversy in the past as well. But this time she surely must have said, ‘Panga mhenga padh gaya.’

After their Twitter war, the internet started buzzing around with some hilarious memes where you can notice Diljit has definitely won hearts, ‘Diljit Paaji Dill Jeeth Liya.’ So to keep the celebration going, we decided to list down the top 5 moments when Diljit’s hilarious comebacks made us say, ‘Paaji Tussi Great Ho.’ (Excluding Twitter war with Kangana because uske upar kya hi bolu ab mein)

1. Diljit in Koffee with Karan

Picture: Hotstar

Picture: Hotstar

2. When a person tweeted, “Kabhi hindu festival ki bhi badhai de diya kr joode wale”.

Diljit Dosanjh had tweeted his wishes for a fan on Prakash Utsav. To this a guy commented on his tweet saying, “Kabhi hindu festival ki bhi badhai de diya kr joode wale”.Β Diljit took his case in a very classy and simple manner.

3. Diljit doesn’t Like to play PUBG

A woman asked Diljit on Twitter whether he plays PUBG. To this, he replied in a very witty and funny manner. He said he doesn’t play PUBG, he plays SABJI SABJI in his kitchen.

4. When a person on Twitter asked him to show some respect to Kangana referring to her as his senior.

After the war of words, a guy tweeted saying he wasn’t any big fan of Kangana but Diljit’s replies to her weren’t appropriate and this would cost him his entire career. Also, Diljit should show some respect to Kangana referring to her as his senior. To this, Diljit replied:


5. When people tried pulling him down for his stand on farmer’s protest. He said he is not a celebrity, he is one of Punjab’s own.Β 

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