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Monday, April 12, 2021

‘You guys are so Left, that you have started hating even your right hand’, says Sonu Nigam

On 17th November, one of the most celebrated singer Sonu Nigam uploaded a video on his Youtube channel which has 1.2 million subscribers. In the video, you can see he is seated in a house from where the Himalayan range was visible. Further, he lashes out at the media, especially Tribute and CNN Lokmat.

Check out the video here:


Sonu Nigam says that after waking up in the morning he reads an article which spoke about how he does not want his son to become a singer in India. He also mentions that the article particularly mentioned the trolls on his statement.

He then says, ‘Ye video un dallon ke liye hai’’ (This video is for those brokers), referring to the media organizations who had published that article.

Further, he questions and directly refers to the editor of Tribune. and says, “tu sota kaise hai dalle, tu mujhe batayega ke mujhe mere bete k sath bhi kya karna hai?” (How do you sleep at night, now you will tell me that what am I suppose to do with my son)

He constantly refers to him as ‘dalle’  in the video. Further while speaking about nepotism he says that for him it’s not necessary that his son becomes a singer. He mentions his son as ‘multi-talented’ and says he can do whatever he wants to do with his life.

He further takes a dig at the biased reporting of the media. He says ”Tum log itne leftist ho itne leftist ho ke tumhe tumhare right hand se bhi nafrat ho gayi hai.” (You guys are so Left, that you have started hating even your right hand)

He says that the media thinks anyone who is ‘right’ is considered as ‘right wing’ by the media. “I am what you will never be. I am a true Indian. I am a centered person. I am neither Left, nor Right. That is what you should have also been, as a journalist”, he says.

While ending the video, Sonu Nigam asks Tribune to be in their limits and also points a gun at News18 Lokmat. He says, “News18 Lokmat, tu bhi bhaunk mat” (News18 Lokmat, don’t bark.)

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